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The Buried Life

A surgeon and hospital administrator navigates the stormy course of a love
affair with her state's governor under the public's watchful eye.

Doctor Juliette Bassett wonders if her tony life is coursing in the wrong direction. As a surgeon and CEO, she lives in an upscale condo, has a six figure salary, and a list of successes. But Juliette eats and sleeps alone. Her parents are dead. She has no siblings or living relatives. At forty-three, she fears she’ll never have a family. Then she meets Spencer Rand and senses her luck changing. But their love affair isn’t perfect or pure. Spencer is the Governor of Illinois and married. His wife is in an irreversible coma. A media blitz ensues when word of their liaison spreads, propelling them into the nation’s eye for all to judge. Juliette wonders if their love will find a way. What are they willing to give up? Each other? Their careers? When Spencer’s wife dies, he realizes they will never have the private life, Juliette desires. He delivers a passionate speech, abdicating his governorship. Now all Juliette craves is within her reach. When she is one word away from accepting Spencer’s marriage proposal, the head of the Republican Party approaches Spencer to run for President, leaving Juliette to choose between the desires of her buried life and Spencer’s career.



©2017 Linda Bilodeau