Coming Soon: The Cost of Doing Business

As her company's first Chief Operations Officer, Lucy Simpson appears to be the perfect corporate manager. She's productive and assured. Her employees love her. Her future seems bright and promising. No one would guess she was once an escort and alcoholic. Yet her past pops up in unexpected ways when she confronts the jealous Megan James, her rival for the newly-created COO position. Having been through recovery and twelve step programs, Lucy is up for the task. What hooker doesn't know the ways of the world? Unfortunately recovery has changed Lucy. She ignores her street learning and sets out to tame the unruly Megan, turning her into the perfect team player.

The crafty Megan preys on Lucy's benevolence and sets in motion, a campaign of lies, rumors and information leaks, which threaten Lucy's position. When Lucy survives and thrives with style and grace, Megan seethes with anger. She digs around and discovers Lucy sordid past, then unleashes her final attempt at unseating Lucy. Megan succeeds by making Lucy look like she's broken her sobriety.

When Lucy discovers Megan's duplicity, she has to choose between forgiveness, vengeance or justice. Which will it be?



©2017 Linda Bilodeau