Linda Bilodeau fell in love with books at age five. She preferred reading to playing. When her mother insisted she go outside to play with other children, Linda would grab her books and lounge beneath a tree, spending long afternoons lost in her character's worlds. Though she had thoughts of being a writer, her family was very practical and she was told writing was a pastime and not a career.  After high school, Linda entered business school, earning a bachelor's degree and an M.B.A. She spent many years working as a hospital administrator and as a corporate project manager.  After a move to Indianapolis, she taught in the business programs at Indiana University and Marian College.

Through the years, Linda maintained her dream of being a writer and was never far from a book.  After moving to Southwest Florida, she earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University.  She has written and published business articles, novels and short stories.  She resides in Florida with her husband and enjoys cooking French food for her family and friends. Her biggest fear is to wake to a world devoid of books.

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